Isurumuniya : ඉසුරුමුණිය

Isurumuniya Isurumuniya Isurumuniya

This is the place where the mythical Pulasthi Rishi was said to live and the place of which the mythical King Ravana was born. The temple was built by King Devanampiya Tissa (307 BC to 267 BC) who ruled in the ancient Sri Lankan capital of Anuradhapura. After 500 children of high-caste were ordained, Isurumuniya was built for them to reside. King Kasyapa I (473-491 AD) again renovated this viharaya and named it as "Boupulvan, Kasubgiri Radmaha Vehera". This name is derived from names of his 2 daughters and his name. There is a viharaya connected to a cave and above is a cliff. A small stupa is built on it. It can be seen that the constructional work of this stupa belongs to the present period. Lower down on both sides of a cleft, in a rock that appears to rise out of a pool, have been carved the figures of elephants. On the rock is carved the figure of a horse. The carving of Isurumuniya lovers on the slab has been brought from another place and placed it there. A few yards away from this vihara is the Ranmasu Uyana.

Isurumuni Lovers

Isurumuniya Lovers (පෙම් යුවළ) Dutugemunu's son Saliya and the low caste (Sadol Kula) maiden Asokamala whom he loved.

Royal Family Carving

The Royal Family (රජ පවුල)carving is carved on a Granite plate.There are five human figures carved on this plate.

Elephant Pond Carving

There are four elephants in this carving. It shows them bathing. The elephant figures here are very similar to the elephant figures in "Mamallapuram" In India.

Isurumuniya Isurumuniya Isurumuniya
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