Palatupana Entrance of Yala National Park

Sri Lanka is a nation proud of its natural resources. One of its main attractions is the unique wildlife which can only be spotted in this part of the world. Amidst this background, the Yala National Park stands as one of the most frequently visited wildlife sanctuaries of the island. It is also the second largest of national parks in Sri Lanka.

Palatupana is the main entrance to entering the Yala National Park and most congested entrance due to Block 1's popularity. There are two other entrance Yala. One at Katagamuwa, in close proximity to Katagamuwa and the other at Galge, each offerling a different prespective of Yala to more conservation-consclous wildlife enthuslasts.

  • Forest Department Office: Palatupana (Corporate office) Palatupana, Yala, Sri Lanka
  • Palatupana Address: Palatupana, Yala, Sri Lanka
  • Contact: +94 778 100 800 (Lakpura)
  • Yala Safari Booking: Book Now

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